Cocktail “Citrus Kiss” (shooter)

This is the case when under the inconspicuous title lies a treasure trove of taste.

Cocktail Citrus Kiss

  • 15 ml orange liqueur (Grand Marnier)
  • 15 ml white cacao liqueur
  • 15 ml cream

This is a cocktail that kind of quality that should start partying with it, since then tired by alcohol body is not able to fully appreciate the excellent taste. =) And “Citrus Kiss” is worth it to pay tribute to him: cream serves as background to white cacao liquor, which is gradually replaced by a superior taste of Grand Marnier. Creamy aftertaste with a strong note of orange liqueur last quite long to fully appreciate the cocktail.


All components shake with ice and pour into a glass for shooter cocktails.

Cocktail Citrus Kiss

Drink from above by 5-6 sips.

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