Cocktail “Tic-tac” (shooter)

Fresh breath with each serving. *CRAZY*

Tic-Tac cocktail

  • 20 ml green mint liqueur
  • 30 ml white sambuca

“Tic-tac “- is the cocktail that it should be drank somewhere in the middle of the feast, because if you start with it, then it seems to me, is too powerful; but somewhere in the middle of a party – just what we need: a mild flavor quality Sambuca softly goes into the bright taste of menthol.


Pour into the shooter cocktail glass mint liqueur,

Tic-Tac cocktail

pour above by bar spoon with maddler a layer of Sambuca.

Коктейль Тік-так

Drink from above by 5-6 sips.

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